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French to English Translator | Leading Lawyer-Linguist

Legal and Business Editing and Revising Services

French to English legal proofreading quote
French to English legal and certified translator editing at her desk with a Barcelona poster
French to English legal and certified translator with glasses smiling

Why do you need an editor/reviser?

Unless you can afford to get it wrong, your documents need to be edited and revised to perfection. I’ll go through your documents with a fine-tooth comb to ensure that the text doesn’t come back to bite you or your bank balance.

You need an editor with a keen eye for detail and a stickler for grammar and punctuation. I’m the woman for you! I like to think of myself as a dedicated, but friendlier member of the grammar police.

As an editor, my job is all about correcting errors made within the text so that it’s fit for purpose, not to change it all together.

When I put my revising hat on, I gloss your documents to perfection so that your readership sees your text exactly how you want them to.

When it comes to legal and business affairs, you need to speak your readership’s language, whether that be legalese or the language of the average person.

These fields don’t allow for ambiguity and neither do I. Another reason why I love my specialisms, as I know exactly where I stand with the language.