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French to English Legal Translator | Lawyer-Linguist

Legal and Certified Translation

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Why do you need a French to English legal translator?


French to English legal and certified translation services for private individuals

  • Have you married the love of your life in France and now you have a French marriage certificate that you need translating for legal purposes? 
  • Are you buying or selling a property in France and need an English translation of the French legal documents?

Whether you’re trying to live, work or play in another country, it can be stressful when you don’t speak the language. Then when you throw a legal or business document in French into the mix, you can be left feeling overwhelmed and unsure of your next move. 

That’s where I come in.

I decipher the complexities of the French language used in legal documents by translating your legal documents into a language you can understand so you can achieve what you want to in life.

French to English legal and certified translation services for corporate clients

  • Are you taking your business global and want to break into English-speaking markets, or do you want to offer your legal and business services to English-speaking clients?

I help Anglo-French law firms, notaires, lawyers and businesses to understand their legal rights and do business in English. Find out how you and your clients can benefit from investing in legal translation services in an article I co-wrote for the Law Society.

I speak your language. You need an expert to establish an open line of communication with your English-speaking clients and create exciting opportunities in English-speaking markets so that you can stick to doing what you do best.

I’ll save you time. While I concentrate on translating your French legal documents into English, you can focus on getting back to business as usual.

Clients trust me to translate the following legal and official documents from French into English: 

  • French contracts
  • Terms and conditions and business documents
  • French wills, succession and probate documents
  • French property purchase and sale documents
  • French birth certificates, death certificates and marriage certificates for official purposes such as change of name, British passport applications for HM Passport Office, divorce proceedings or other legal purposes
  • French academic certificates and transcripts for students planning to study or work in the UK
  • Insurance documents

As a qualified member of the Institute of Translating and Interpreting and the Chartered Institute of Linguists, I am fully qualified to provide French to English official  translations and certified translations of any document.

As a qualified French to English legal translator and a leading lawyer-linguist offering legal translation and certified translation services from French to English, my clients trust me to handle their French legal and business documents with the care and attention they deserve, and discretion is my middle name.

Get in touch to discuss how I can help you achieve your personal and professional goals in English.