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French to English Translator | Leading Lawyer-Linguist

Legal and Business Translation Services

Legal and business translation services
Female French to English legal translator and lawyer-linguist’s desk with a Barcelona poster
Female French to English legal translator and lawyer-linguist with glasses smiling

Why do you need a translator?

As a legal and business translator, I can offer you so much more than a translation of your legal and business documents from French to English. I can also provide proofreading, editing and revision services. I’m a woman of many talents.


Get in touch to discuss which service is right for you.

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Translation Services

I’ll navigate the French and English legal jurisdictions and languages for you or your business.

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Proofreading Services

I’ll give your legal and business documents the monolingual and bilingual care and attention that they deserve.

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Editing and Revising Services

I’ll add some colour to your black and white legal and business texts.

Lighbulb on books icon for languages for lawyers

Languages for Lawyers

I’ll teach you how to approach the complexities of legal and business language in French and English or alternatively, I’ll open up new opportunities for you by teaching you French.